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Gratarul OFYR 100 se aplica usor pe plita OFYR 100 si este conceput pentru preparearea a bucatilor mari de carne, fiind suficient de inalt pentru a permite adaugarea usoara a lemnelor in timpul gatirii.

Diametru: 49 cm
Greutate totala: 11 kg.


Exotique-mobilier-lemn-masiv-si-decoratiuni-exotice Importator autorizat OFYR in Romania


This sturdy two-piece grill is ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat on OFYR. Place the grill and stand directly over the flames for a chargrilled taste. OFYR’s cooking plate remains unobstructed so you can cook other dishes at the same time, and with the stand in place adding more wood to the fire is easy. Also available in a larger size for OFYR XL models.

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