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Set intretinere foc OFYR

Set pentru intretinerea focului, format din tub de suflat, cleste si suport din otel

Dimensiuni: 80 x 3 cm.
Greutate: 260 g.
Materiale: aluminiu, silicon, piele
Dimensiuni: 59 x 4 x 6 cm.
Greutate: 740 g.
Material: otel
Dimensiuni: 14 x 16 x 5 cm.
Greutate: 360 g.
Material: otel


Exotique-mobilier-lemn-masiv-si-decoratiuni-exotice Importator autorizat OFYR in Romania


The Buffadoo set comprises a beautifully made blowpipe and sturdy steel tongs/poker with a matching stand. The blowpipe features a leather grip and silicon mouthpiece, and is used to direct oxygen into the OFYR to increase flames and minimise smoke after igniting. The tongs/poker make it easy to add more wood once the fire is burning well.